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After Storm Burglind


Despite an end to the stormy weather caused by the passage of storm Burglind on Wednesday and Thursday, the avalanche risk remains considerable external link (level 5 of 5) across much of the Alps. Several mountain villages, notably in the Valais, Bernese Oberland as well as in the southeast and in central Switzerland, had been blocked as roads or rail links were suspended due a high risk of avalanches and mudslides. Lots of trees have fall down to the high windstorm.

Roads leading in and out of resort have been closed by police since Monday morning, while all trains to and from resort were cancelled on Monday night, following the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research upping the avalanche risk level to the maximum of five.

Some other Climbing Park like in Interlaken had suffer complete destruction.

Local officials have issued warnings about potentially “large and, in many cases, very large dry avalanches…as a result of fresh snow and strong winds.”

By chance the river at the Fun Park Zermatt allows to evacuate the snow trough the water which brings the snow away.

No snow is forecast for tomorrow and it’s hoped that roads could reopen.

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