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Security & Conditions

Our continuous belay system let you experience maximum safety at all heights.

Safety Comes First at Forest Fun Park Zermatt

The whole park is equipped with the Saferoller® system.

This Swiss-made continuous securing system glides perfectly along the uninterrupted safety rope and the zip lines. There are no additional manipulations required.

Before you are introduced to our safety system by one of our trained staff members, you will be given a set of professional safety equipment that has been developed especially for ropes courses.

As part of the safety instructions, you will also receive detailed instructions on how to use our continuous safety system.

The safety equipment includes: gloves, climbing harness, pulley.

Not more than 3 people on a platform at a time. Only one person at a time allowed on bridges.

Our specially trained instructors will show you the correct securing technique and how to put on the safety harness. They will also inform you about the different courses and their challenges, as well as the rules for accident prevention.

Please Follow Our Rules for a Greater Experience

  1. You are using the adventure park at your own risk. Each participant taking part in this activity automatically undertakes the responsibility to observe and comply with the following regulations.
  2. The park is accessible to everybody in a good state of health, who has paid the entry. The maximum allowable weight of a participant is limited to 120 Kg (19 stones/265lbs). The participant must have accident insurance.
  3. The minimum age is 4 on Kidstrail and 7 on Trail.
  4. Each trail has an age limit. The parents or attendants of the children are responsible for stating the age and for observing the attending regulation according to the attached table (see table).
  5. From 11-13 years of age, ground supervision by the parents is sufficient.
  6. One ground supervisor can attend groups up to 10 people. If there are more than 10 participants, 2 supervisors are needed.
  7. Users aged 13-14 can access the Park with a written consent from their parents.
  8. Scarves and any other object around the neck have an increased risk of strangulation, therefore they are not allowed. Long hair must be tied.
  9. The management waives any responsibility for your personal belongings (clothes, bags, shoes…) during the activity. You are also fully responsible for your assets (e.g. knives, cameras, money, cell phones, wallets…) which could fall out of your pockets, as well as for the consequences (such as injuries to third parties).
  10. Forest Fun Park has a continuous life line which secures the participants against ground falls. The safety equipment is not effective, however, if the rules given during the mandatory training are not followed. The rules given during the mandatory training must be obeyed and followed. There are protection helmets available for those interested.
  11. It is strictly forbidden to remove your harness on a platform and jump down for any reason!
  12. The safety equipment (harness, ropes, pulleys and gloves) are supplied by the Park and must be used according to our directions. For safety reasons, the equipment is not transferable. The safety pulley must be attached to the cable at the beginning of each trail. The length of the rope must always be adjusted to the following situations:
    1. On the zip lines (Tyrolean’s) = green marking: the rope is as short as possible.
    2. On elevations, ladders and climbing parts: 2 hand widths (20 cm).
    3. On the rest of the trail: length as desired.
  13. The maximum number of people per platform is 3, on elements(bridges/ladders) and zip lines maximum 1 person.
  14. The management reserves the right to exclude without refund anybody not following the safety rules or the directions from the staff. The management reserves the right to remove a guest from the courses without refund, for safety/unexpected bad weather conditions (wind, storm, etc). Someone stops voluntarily the activity has no right for refund.